Volumetric Diet Plan and Recipes

The Volumetric diet plan was created by Barbara Rolls, a professor from University of Pennsylvania and it has been proven to work by thousands of people in the US and across the world. This is one of those diets that work great and it works fairly quickly so you will begin to see results after a few weeks if you follow the program and the diet plan explained in this guide. You can also check out the book on the right – I highly recommend it because it makes all the planning extremely easy to follow along. However, you can gather all the recipes and do the  calculations by yourself. Anyway, in this article we are going to talk about the Volumetric diet plan and why it works. You can also expect a few awesome recipes that will help you get started!

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A Flat Belly Diet That Works – Diet Menu Included!

The name of the diet that we’ll be reviewing today is quite catchy – it’s called “the Flat Belly Diet” which pretty much sums-up what the goal of this dieting plan is. This diet was introduced back in 2008, but it never got much recognition or attention. I have a pretty good idea why this is – the die program actually encourages you consume fats which a lot of people probably see as counter-productive. However, you’d be supposed by the fact that this is a diet that works great and won’t be too difficult to follow along.

Flat Belly Diet Meal Plan

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The Mediterranean Diet – A Healthy Diet That Works (Meal Plan Included)

While the Mediterranean diet is certainly not the fastest way to lose weight, it belongs on the list of diets that work. It should come as no surprise that this eating program is based around the eating habits of people who live in Mediterranean areas. The key benefit of following this diet is that you will develop healthy habits and improve the quality of your life. Since this diet doesn’t require you to give up on any particular sort of food, you won’t find it too difficult to adapt to a new lifestyle.

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The Dash Diet Guide That Works (With Meal Plan Included)

The Dash diet is not just another one of those diets that work by making you lose of few pounds because you starve yourself and leave behind the food you love. This diet can best be described as an eating program that is designed around healthy balance. One of the core focuses of the Dash diet is to help lower blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease. Weight loss is obviously one of the goals, but improving your overall health is also very important.

dash diet guide and meal plan

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The Paleo Diet Meal Plan and Facts

The basis for the Paleo diet (Paleolithic diet) is rather funny and extremely sketchy, but it turns out that this is one of those diets that work and it’s worth a shot. At first glance it will seem similar to the famous Atkins diet, but there are certain distinctions that separate the two quite clearly. So, let’s start with some facts about the Paleo diet and then move on to a working meal plan, shall we? I hope you like meat (a lot of meat, actually), because this is what this diet is heavily focused on. Carbs will be gradually eliminated, but this is certainly not a “no carbs” diet.


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The South Beach Diet Program and Phases

A cardiologist by the name of Dr. Arthur Agatston created the South Beach diet program for his patients who wanted to lose weight and reform their body and shape. The diet is often confused with the Atkins diet due to its stance on carbohydrates; however you will see that the two are completely different. It is important to note right from the start that the South Beach diet is indeed a diet that works and this has been tested and confirmed by people across the world. Agatston’s book is a best seller and he has helped thousands of people across the world with this long-term diet plan. So, let’s sink our teeth deep into the core of this diet program, shall we?

South Beach Diet Plan

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The Zone Diet Meal Plan and How to Make it Work

The Zone diet is a very flexible diet that won’t make you starve yourself to death. It is also fairly healthy and easy-to-follow diet that works. As such you can expect to lose weight in a healthy and balanced way. The basic idea of the zone diet is to make sure you follow a 4-3-3 ratio each day. This means that you need to intake 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fats. You will also need to count some calories which mean that the Zone diet requires some planning and preparation.

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The Cabbage Soup Diet – Fast and Healthy Way to Lose Weight

If you can cope with the taste of cabbage, then the Cabbage soup diet is an effective diet that can help you lose weight quickly without putting any sort of risk on your health. My mother followed this diet a few years ago and lost 4.5 kg in about a month (10 pounds) and she didn’t even follow the diet completely. Due to this we can proudly say that the Cabbage soup diet is one of those diets that work – but isn’t much of a long-term strategy.


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The Lemonade Diet Plan – How Beyoncé Lost Weight with Style

This unusual Lemonade diet plan would never have gained much attention if it wasn’t for Beyoncé Knowles and Jennifer Aniston who recommended the diet plan. According to them, the Lemonade diet is one of those diets that work, but require a lot of self-discipline and effort to complete fully .Since we could all dream of having a body like Beyoncé or staying fit and stylish like Jenifer Aniston, I would wager that the diet is worth a shot. The diet has since been tested by a lot of people and provided good results.


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